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  • PoundPuppies10fan1

    This is also based on the Pound Puppies plushies. I was in this store that kindof looked like Build-A-Bear Workshop, and in one of the drawers I saw a Squirt and Niblet plush! THEY WERE LEGIT!! I so wish what I saw in my dream are the actual faces!

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  • PoundPuppies10fan1

    A Strange Dream

    January 4, 2013 by PoundPuppies10fan1

    Okay, so this was really wierd. Last night, I had a dream that I was at my local Video Circus (before they closed down), and I saw a large-headed Lucky plush there. I deceided to look through the store some more and when I came back to the Lucky plush, he was gone - or so I thought. I, then, saw a wierd-looking, most-definitely-a-knockoff Squirt plush (he looked like a dachshund with rat-like features) and a legit Tundra plush (yes, the puppy from ep 18 "Snow Problem"!). Then I woke up. I hope they make a Tundra plush. THAT WOULD BE SOOO COOL!!

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