Hey here is my story in joy

One day ago

Patches was in his backyard playing around usual something and catch him attention a piece of steak attached to a box suddenly they catching a little dalmatian puppy to have sexual in the course with it and They catch patches put him into a bag drive off private location and stuff. the people who did kidnap patches.Drug him and take him to the room restrain him and gag him and they beginning to rub his sheath to showing patches Peins and suddenly patches woke up he was getting molested by kidnappers suddenly staring braking out open window getting help. suddenly lucky heard a cry for help he follow it abandon warehouse and lucky saw patches on examine table. In horror lucky saw patches peins coming out his sheath and he went to action to save him patches starting to crying and whimpering the kidnappers started pulling and jerking off patches peins and suddenly patches peins starting milking out semen. Patches started to cry and whimper the kidnapper started to laugh at himThey got bucket ready to collect patches semen got to work and suddenly patches peins starring bleeding out blood from his peins. kidnapper looking at patches a bleeding peins they said aww Gross puppy blood and patches make a lot of noise lucky jump into window started to growl and barking at kidnappers. Lucky heard patches cry and whimper and he was alot in pain. patches said his peins is bleeding really bad right now it hurts. the kidnappers saw the police officers came in front door arrest them for unlicensed correct dogs semen and kidnapping dalmatian puppy. They rush Patches to the veterinarian clinic for his uncomfort position he was in and contact patches owner and tell them what happen him and they went to the police station. Patches in the examination room in the veterinarian clinic and veterinary got to work on have to put him to sleep for now. he was in surgery on right now getting his genitals to put back in place where they are now. In recovery room Patches resting after his surgery and the veterinarian workers called the owner let them know and what happen. next day patches woke up he was in kennel and saw veterinarian worker open kennel door grab him and put him down on ground the worker grabbing leash just case he runs away take him to his owner and suddenly patches pee on ground and here come the janitor oh great dog pee Owner waiting in the waiting room waiting to get her dalmatian puppy back and she did and suddenly patches saw his owner and lick her face.

The end

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