Act I

[Scene I- Ext. Shelter 17 Field Enclosure]

(We start with the camera focused in on an Old English Sheepdog chowing down on some kibble; suddenly, a car horn honks as a dark blue van drives into the pound; the van stops as the driver- a man in a black uniform wearing a cowboy's hat -steps out to the sound of a guitar strum)

McLeish(Enters from stage right with Olaf; tone is annoyed) Alright, Ketchum- what have you got for us?

(Officer Ketchum walks off-screen, but quickly returns with a grey-furred puppy, which whines)

McLeish(Tone is disgusted) What a scruffy-looking mutt!

Olaf(Tone is sympathetic) Oh, I don't know, Mr. McLeish- I think he's cute.

McLeish(Tone is annoyed) You think all of them are cute, Olaf.

Olaf: Well, each one is- in their own way. Who's a cutey poochy? (Begins to show the puppy affection... much to the puppy's distress)

McLeish(Tone is irritated) Knock it off, Olaf! The point is this puppy isn't getting adopted anytime soon- whether we like it or not! (Suddenly realizes something) And I know the perfect place for him.

(Camera view shifts to the feet of McLeish, Olaf and Officer Ketchum as we see a boxer giving her back a good itch, a wiener dog chasing her tail and a chihuahua chowing on dog food; puppy is placed into enclosure with purple-and-white-furred dog facing away from the face)

McLeish: Here. This one never gets adopted, either. They can tell each other "boy and his dog" stories to pass the time. (Walks off-screen stage left)

Yipper(Sighs unhappily)

Lucky: Psst- hey, kid!

Yipper: Huh?

Lucky: (Turns to face Yipper) Everything okay? Feeling a little down in the muzzle?

Yipper: (Tone is sad for the majority of the episode) Just a little sore around the collar is all.

Lucky: Well, Ketchum's a little rough, but he's not so bad, once you train him. (Gets up and walks over to Yipper) They call me Lucky on account of my good fortune.

Yipper: Well, they call me Yipper... for no particular reason at all.

Lucky(Tone is friendly and inviting) Well, Yipper, welcome to Shelter 17- the kooshest pound this side of paradise.

Yipper(Confused) What's so koosh about it? (Looks around) It looks like every other joint I've been in.

Lucky: Well, that's because you're only seeing it from the topside.

Yipper(Curious) What other side is there?

Lucky: Funny you should ask. (Whistles)

(Dogs begin opening secret passageways hidden under dog bowls and dog houses, putting up wooden standees of themselves and then entering the passageways)

Yipper(Surprised) What the heck?!

Lucky(Waving Yipper in) After you.

[Scene II- Pound Puppies Headquarters]

(Yipper enters into the secret passageway, with Lucky following right behind him; camera follows the two as they walk through the HQ)

Pound Puppies(Doing pushups while repeating something unintelligible over and over again)

Lucky: Pretty cool, huh?

Male Pound Puppy: Hello, Pet Mart? Shelter 17 needs 600 pounds of Chewies delivered- A.S.A.P!

Yipper(Surprised) y-you guys talk to humans?

Lucky: Well... only when they don't know it and only when absolutely necessary.

Yipper(Realizes something; tone is excited) Wait! You're the Pound Puppies! I thought you guys were just a legend!

Lucky: Oh, no. We're real, alright. If a dog needs a home, we're the guys to find him one... No matter how much the humans mess things up.

(Yipper tries to follow, but bumps into the Boxer from earlier)

Yipper: Oh, I'm sorry. Excuse me.

Cookie(Tone is angry) Who are you?! Don't you know no dogs are allowed down here without authorization!?

Yipper: (Tone is nervous) I, um...

Cookie: This is a command center! A dog is only allowed down here with proper id-

Lucky: Down, Cookie. He's a new guy- a stray.

Cookie: (Suddenly friendly) a stray? Oh, I'm sorry, pumpkin. I'm Cookie. (Tone is serious) Listen- anyone gives you trouble, just tell me and I'll chew them out.

Yipper: Oh, that's okay- you don't have to yell at anyone for me.

Cookie: No, I mean really chew them out- with my teeth! (Bears fangs menacingly)

Yipper: (Tone is scared) oh, thanks... I guess.

Cookie: Oh, no trouble at all. (Turns to Lucky) alright, I gotta go, Lucky. Gotta go take my human for a walk.

Yipper: (Begins to follow Cookie) you have a human?

Cookie: (Matter-of-factly) course I do! Half the dogs down here have people on the outside.

Yipper: (Surprised) wow.

Cookie: Remember- with my teeth! (Bares teeth)

Yipper: (Slightly nervous) wow, she's tough.

Lucky: Yeah- and that's when she's in a good mood.

Niblet: (Starts off-screen, but quickly bounds up to Lucky and Yipper; tone is urgent) Lucky! Lucky! I got something important to tell you- really, really important!

Lucky: Yipper, meet Niblet.

Niblet: (Tone is friendly) oh, hi, Yipper. Welcome to our secret headquarters- secret, but fun!

Lucky: Alright, Niblet- what's so important?

Niblet: (Pauses for a second) um... I forgot. (Bounds off-screen, stage right)

Lucky: Nice guy, that Niblet. Just don't let him bury your bone- you'll never see it again!

German Dog: (Off-screen; tone is angry) no, no, no!

[Scene III- Strudel's Lab]

(Lucky and Yipper walk to an open area, with gadgets scattered all along the walls; a wiener dog is supervising a group of squirrels building a strange contraption in the center of the room)

Lucky: You've gotta meet Strudel- probably the smartest wiener dog in the world.

Strudel: (Tone is angry) you've got the diode connected to the transmuter, and the transmuter connected to the LED! Didn't anyone look at the schematics?

Squirrels: (Point at each other and chitter frantically, as if to say "It's not my fault- blame him!")

Strudel: (Sighs in exasperation) if I only had thumbs.

(Brown squirrel wearing an acorn helmet squeaks happily)

Strudel: (Tone is hopeful) what's that, Mr. Nut Nut? You've got it working? Oh, finally- my work of staggering genius is ready! Alright- let's give it a go!

(Blue squirrel places a pink helmet with goggles on her head)

Strudel: Ready on the left?

(Grey squirrel grabs a lever)

Strudel: Ready on the right?

(Slightly maroon squirrel poises himself in front of a console)

Strudel: Contact!

(Machine activates and proceeds to scratch Strudel's back with a pair of rakes)

Strudel: (Clearly enjoying her new invention; tone is pleased) oh, yeah. Oh, right there. Oh, that's the spot!

Yipper: (Tone is amazed) wow! A back-scratching machine- she really is smart!

Dog: (Off-screen) psst- hey, kid!

Yipper: (Looks around for source of voice) huh? Who said that?

Dog: Down here!

(Camera pans out, revealing a Chihuahua is standing next to Lucky and Yipper)

Squirt: Could I interest you in a squeaky toy or a new bed? You got the kibble, I got the goods!

Lucky: You've gotta watch out for Squirt here. He's the best scrounger in the business, but there's always a price.

Squirt: (Defensively) hey, I ain't in this for my health!

Lucky: Shouldn't you be on surveillance duty?

Squirt: Alright, I'm going. (Turns around to leave; addresses Yipper) but, you know... if you're interested... (Walks off-screen, stage right)

(Yipper turns around; a look of surprise crosses his face for some reason)

Lucky: (Turns around as well) everyone- this is Yipper.

Pound Puppies: Yipper!

Yipper: So you guys do all this to help stray dogs?

Lucky: And to goof with humans, but that's just a perk of the job.

(Everyone present, except Yipper, burst out laughing)

Lucky: (Notices Yipper's sad look) hey, come on, kid- it's funny.

Yipper: I know. It's just... I've been rejected by so many people so many times.

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