The Ruff Ruff Bunch
Season 2, Episode 7
Air date July 14, 2012
Written by Rich Fogel
Directed by Jos Humphrey
Storyboard by Patricia Atchison and Raven Molisee
Featured Puppies Rebound, Cuddlesworth
Adoptee None
Adopter None
Episode Guide
"Good Dog, McLeish!"

The Ruff Ruff Bunch is the seventh episode of season 2, and the thirty-third episode overall. It first aired July 14th 2012 in the US.

While the Pound Puppies search for the missing Cuddlesworth, the Super Secret Pup Club join a fancy dog club.


Starring the Voices of

Guest Starring the Voices of


Cuddlesworth: My friends, we may be small, we may be dainty, but do you know what's deep inside each and every one of us?
Fifi: Uh, goose-liver foie gras on stone-ground whole-wheat crackers?
Cuddlesworth: No. The primal howl! Raise your heads proudly and let me hear you howl to the moon!
Patches: (looks up at ceiling) Isn't that a disco ball?
Cuddlesworth: It will suffice.



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