Season 1, Episode 13
Air date October 1, 2011
Written by Julie Selbo
Directed by Jos Humphrey
Featured Puppies Taboo
Adoptee Taboo
Adopter Mr. Geekman
Episode Guide
"Rebel Without a Collar"
"Toyoshiko! Bark Friend Machine"

"Taboo" is the thirteenth episode of season 1. It first aired October 1st, 2011 in the US.

It's up to the Pound Puppies to find a home for a puppy who is convinced that he is bad luck.


Starring the Voices of

Guest Starring the Voices of


Squirt: Bad luck is bad luck. You can't just wash it off with soap and water.
Lucky: You know, I get why Niblet believes in all this hocus-pocus stuff. I mean, he refuses to eat out of the left side of his dish every Tuesday, Friday, and third Monday.
Niblet: That's so the magic flea angels won't get me.
Lucky: But you Squirt -- you, I don't understand.

Taboo: Ever since the day I was born. Hmm, I remember it like it was months ago.
Squirt: (Deadpan) It was months ago.


  • This episode marks the first time that the computerized version of the FKD is used.
  • This episode is included on the Pound Puppies: Mission Adoption DVD.
  • This episode is appropriately the thirteenth episode of the series, because the number 13 is often assosciated with bad luck.


  • Taboo (Lucky) is seen again in the episode "I Heard the Barks on Christmas Eve".


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