Stuffy is a pug puppy who appeared in "The Road to Empawerment." He was voiced by Carlos Alazraqui.


Stuffy does not have a sense of smell. He joined Axel, Schleppy, and Niblet on their journey to find the Doggy Lama.

Ironically, his lack of a sense of smell helped in the quest to find the Doggy Lama. During the journey, the dog group (Stuffy excluded) were trapped in a local village that sold only cheese and cheese byproducts; it was a tourist trap, but in a whole new sense of the word. Clouds of fog rolled in rather suddenly, trapping the dogs inside; thankfully, Stuffy (who didn't fall for the trap because he couldn't smell the cheese) used his barking to bring the dogs back. Following this incident, the dogs had passed their first test in becoming "empawered" and Stuffy had gained a new sense of purpose.

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