Act I

Scene I- Shelter 17 Field Enclosure

(It's a sunny day at the Pound; every member of the Pound Puppies is relaxing)

Strudel: (Reclining in a bean bag chair while Sparky fans her and Mr. Nut Nut brings a bowl of kibble to her; tone is relaxed) ah, this is the life! A dog could really get used to this kind of lazy weather. (Tone becomes commanding) Kibble, Mr. Nut Nut! (Eats) MORE KIBBLE!

Squirt: (Resting in a wooden bowl filled with water) You said it! It's nice to have a chance to stop and smell the fire hydrants once in a while. Speaking of pungent scents, where's Niblet?

Niblet: (Off-screen briefly; tone is excited) Cannonball! (Lands on Squirt) Hey- Squirt, where are you? Stop hiding! You promised to teach me how to swim!

(Camera pans to the left, where Cookie and Lucky lay relaxed)

Cookie: Should we help them?

Lucky: Ah, let them work it out. It's nice to see the guys working something out on their own, doing their own thing.

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