Snow Problem
Season 1, Episode 18
Air date November 19, 2011
Written by Rich Fogel
Directed by Greg Sullivan
Featured Puppies Tundra
Adoptee Tundra
Adopter Jean Luc Glaciaire
Episode Guide
"Bone Voyage"
"The K9 Kid"

"Snow Problem" is the eighteenth episode of season 1. It first aired November 19th, 2011 in the US.

The Pound Puppies become a sled team to help a dog find the human of his dreams.


Starring the Voices of

Guest Starring the Voices of


Snow Problem/Transcript


Squirt: Great, great, great. We're so deep in the woods that even a couple of squirrels can't find their way around.
Cookie: I guess we really are lost.
Niblet: Does this mean we have to start eating each other? 'Cause if we do, I pick Strudel.
Strudel: Ack!



  • Lucky asks the others "If Timmy was stuck at the bottom of a well would you just walk away?" This is a reference to Lassie.

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