Puddles the Problem Pup
Season 3, Episode 5
Air date June 23, 2013
Written by Story by:
Rachel Lipman

Teleplay by:
Tony Infante

Directed by Jos Humphrey
Storyboard by Raven Molisee and Mike West
Featured Puppies Puddles
Adoptee Puddles
Adopter Sam
Episode Guide
"Fright at the Museum"
"It's Elementary My Dear Pup Club"

"Puddles the Problem Pup" is the fifth episode of season 3, and the forty-fourth episode overall. It first aired June 23rd, 2013 in the US.

The Pound Puppies are all ready to place Puddles with his perfect person Sam, but there's one problem... Puddles isn't housebroken! They work together to find creative ways to train Puddles until they realize that Sam may have the solution.


Starring the Voices of

Guest Starring the Voices of

  • Corey Burton - Dr. Cooper
  • Grey DeLisle - Puddles / Lillian


Olaf(Notices stain on McLeish's new sweater) oh, Mr. McLeish- it looks like you spilled coffee on your new sweater.

McLeish(Realizes that the stain is from Puddles "relieving" himself; tone is disgusted) That's not coffee!

Puddles: I don't care what you guys say. Sam's never gonna want me until I stop leaving puddles in the wrong place. 

Lucky: Puddles, we don't know that.
Puddles: I do, and you Pound Puppies promised to help pups like me, so, guys, here's your mission.
Niblet: I love missions!
Puddles: You're gonna get me housebroken.
Niblet: Oh. Squirt loves missions!


  • Strudel attempts to hypnotize Puddles with hypnosis glasses. She used these same glasses in "Good Dog, McLeish!."
  • In this episode, it is revealed that Olaf has an interesting habit of chewing (and, in some cases, fully consuming) on wooden objects when he's stressed.

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