Act I

Scene I- Shelter 17 Enclosure

(Squirt and Niblet are running around the enclosure, barking at each other; Lucky, Cookie and Strudel are sitting in the center of the enclosure, watching)

Niblet: (Tone is excited) I'm gonna beat you, Squirt; I'm gonna beat ya!

Squirt: Ha! Nobody beats me at running around and barking!

(Squirt and Niblet continue to run; they are oblivious to Olaf's presence as he sets a beagle puppy in the enclosure... until they collide, painfully)

Lucky, Cookie and Strudel: (Cringe in pain) oh!

Olaf: (Pinned slightly under Niblet; tone is partially strained) uh, nice doggy. Please get off me.

(Millard- the beagle puppy -whimpers slightly in fear before running over to a corner of the enclosure)

Olaf: Yeah, me too, little puppy. (Leaves enclosure, also whimpering)

Squirt: (Tail is bent out of shape from being sat upon by Olaf; tone is annoyed) what's Olaf so upset about? I think he dislocated my tail! (Niblet grabs Squirt by the tail) hey! (Niblet gives Squirt's tail a quick yank; though it is put back into place, bones are heard cracking as Squirt's eyes go wide... he is in so much pain)

Niblet: (Oblivious to his friend's pain) you're welcome.

(Pound Puppies walk over to Millard, concerned for him)

Lucky: Sorry about that, pup. How about we start over? I'm Lucky, and we are the Pound Puppies. We're here to help you.

Millard: M-my name is Millard, and you're here to help me do what?

Strudel: Why, find your human, of course!

Millard: (Tone becomes terrified) find my human? That sounds horrifying!

Cookie: How come, honey?

Millard: Humans are dangerous; they're so big- I could get stepped on! And they use things like knives, a-and forks! And worst of all- they could toss a stick and it could get stuck in my throat! (Tone becomes near-paranoid) how would I eat with a stick in my throat?! (Faints)

Niblet: He's right- humans are monsters! WHAT HAVE WE BEEN THINKING?! (Lays down, worry all over his face)

Squirt: Knock it off, Niblet- humans are great!

Niblet: (Tone is happy) Squirt, you've convinced me!

Lucky: Don't worry, Millard- nothing like that will happen. Why would you even think that it might?

Millard: Dangers are all around us! Like my mama used to say... (Wavy flashback effect occurs)

Scene II- Millard's Past [City Park]

(We see a younger Millard as he spots a butterfly and prepares to pounce it; just as he is about to jump, however, an older, female beagle- Millard's mom -grabs him by the tail)

Millard's mother: Be true to your roots, Millard. Be like me- timid and easily scared.

(A tennis ball hits Millard's mom in the back... lightly)

Millard's mother: (Tone is practically crazed) a tennis ball! (She runs away, as does Millard; tone is proud) oh, that's my boy!

(Millard had run into an overturned trashcan; though dirty, he smiles; flashback ends)

Scene III- Shelter 17 Enclosure

Millard: Like my mama used to say- "Brand new things may bring you cheer, but they'll also make you lose an ear"

Cookie: (Sarcastic) catchy.

Lucky: (Supportive) Don't worry, Millard- nothing's gonna happen to you. Now, come on- let's go find you a perfect person.

Millard: (Face-palms; tone is annoyed) weren't you listening to a thing I said?

Scene IV- Pound Puppies HQ

Strudel: This, little Millard, is the FKD.

Millard: (Is getting forcibly pushed in by Squirt) what's it supposed to do?

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