Meowtuhotep is a minor character from Pound Puppies. He appeared as a museum exhibit in Fright at the Museum.


Having lived during the times of Ancient Egypt, Meowtuhotep was treated with great respect by Egypt's people. Of course, as with with all things, his life came to an end. Despite this, a legend came to rise around his mummified remains- should a certain mystic amulet become separated from his body, a portal to the Underworld would be opened, bringing forth untold horrors. Naturally, nobody believed a word of it.

By the time of Pound Puppies and its events, Meowtuhotep was now on display at a local museum. Unfortunately, due to the poor handling of its staff, he ended up damaged several times. In order to hide this, the local security guard disguised his pet cat and had the cat take Meowtuhotep's place. In the final shot for the episode in which he appeared, his eyes glowed a ghastly green, signifying that he has risen from the grave.

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