Kennel Kittens Return
Season 1, Episode 24
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Air date January 14, 2012
Written by Tony Infante
Directed by Greg Sullivan
Featured Puppies Squirt, Fluffy (cat), Lily (kitten)
Adoptee None
Adopter None
Episode Guide
"Olaf in Love"
"Mutternal Instincts"

"Kennel Kittens Return" is the twenty-fourth episode of season 1. It first aired January 14th, 2012 in the US.

When the Kennel Kittens steal Strudel's new invention, Squirt must go undercover as a kitten named "TwinkleBelle" to steal it back, since he's the only dog small enough to pass off as a cat.


Starring the Voices of

Guest Starring the Voices of


Niblet: Ba-Ba-Ba-Bacon!
Ace: And not just any bacon. We're talking prime cut, maple-smoked, nitrate-free bacon -- only the best for our canine comrades.
Lucky: Wait a minute. What's the catch?
Ace: Catch? You offend me Lucky. This is simply an olive branch to show our feelings are genuine. So, what do you say? You call the rest of your team up here and have yourselves a celebration.
Lucky: Well...
Niblet: Please, Lucky! It's a giant pile of pork, for Pete's sake!
Lucky: Oh, why not? Cookie, get the other guys and let's party! *Cheering*


  • When the Pound Puppies are waiting for Strudel's invention, a female Doberman Pinscher is not wearing a collar. While watching Strudel's invention she is wearing a collar.
  • When Ace says "Relax, Lucky", his mouth doesn't move.
  • Ace says "Boys", but Kugel is a girl.

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