I Heard the Barks on Christmas Eve (songs)
PPS 213 01 NonExclusive
Lyricist Bart Jennett
Composer Eggplant Lt.
Sung by Primary cast,
Jessica DiCicco (as Patches)
Cree Summer (as Cupcake)
Brooke Goldner (as Rebound)
Fred Stoller (as Ralph)
From "I Heard the Barks on Christmas Eve"

There are four songs in "I Heard the Barks on Christmas Eve." Including two variations and two reprises.

Olaf's song

It's Christmas at the dog pound
If the dogs knew then you'd see
Every chow chow, pug, and wolf hound
Would be as jubilant as me
Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho!

McLeish's song

It's December 24th
The lamest time of all the year
When every little girl and boy
Is a huge pain in my rear
That yuletide crowd who sing so loud
As they sit around the tree
For them it's all some miracle
I can't help but feel satirical
'Cause there's nothing that I need...
but me


There's something in the air tonight
I've never felt before
Barking makes me feel uptight
But now there's something more
Hundreds of doggies all at once
In canine harmony
I'm starting to think I've been a dunce
'Cause now I plainly see
Together is better, I
Have been such a lonely guy
There's much more that I need,
Than me

Puppy Dog time of Year

It's that night in late December
When the grownups all remember
That their children yearn to nuzzle
With a fuzzy little muzzle
It's a puppy dog time of year
There's a pup for every person,
And a person for every pup
For every Connie, Kim and Kirsten
Tonight we'll lift their spirits up
And fill their hearts with cheer
Throw on the yuletide log you Squirrel
'Cause I agree with the wiener girl
[Strudel and Squirt]
It's a puppy dog time of year

Variation #1

Poor old Ralph
All alone without a person
On Christmas eve
It's hard to see how this could worsen
He seems like a loner guy
Who can't find an owner I...
[Patches and Cupcake]
Sure hope that he'll be all right
Tonight's the night, when miracles take place
For every pup there's got to be some kid he can embrace
A person to make him be
As happy as you and me
Come on, let's make this right
All right?
Cupcake: Yeah, okay
'Cause it's a puppy dog kind of night

Variation #2

My contraption's gone kaput
Sparky's covered up in soot
I guess a miracle's what we need
Some strange magic to intercede
And if it doesn't soon appear
Then I will begin to fear
There'll be no puppy dog time this year

Ralph's song

The little ones are so much fun
On a night like Christmas Eve
When they see their pup, their eyes light up
I just wish I could believe
That someday I could be the guy
That a person picks to love
That he'd look at me right in the eye
And say, I'm the one that he's been dreaming of
But when it's time to select
I'm the one that they reject
Why can't you puppies see?
I'm a sorry case with a droopy face
Who could ever want a dog like me?


At the end of the of the episode, the song "Puppy Dog Time of year" is repeated (minus Squirt's solo) by the primary dog cast, including Lucky, Cookie, and Niblet.

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