Happy Valley Shelter
Happy Valley Shelter


Unnamed City (same as Shelter 17)
Happy Valley?

Head Catcatcher



Unnamed African-American Man


Unnamed Caucasian Woman

Notable Residents

The Kennel Kittens (Ace, Fluffy, Kugel, Squeak and Tiny)

Happy Valley Shelter, designated with the number 71, is a cat-only animal shelter. It is the headquarters of the only known branch of the Kennel Kittens, and a mirror of Shelter 17.

It is where Ace, Fluffy, Kugel, Squeak and Tiny conduct their operations.


The building appears to be built from the same blueprints as Shelter 17. Instead of "17", the awning of the main office bears the number "71", which is "17" backwards.  An elongated picture of a cat head replaces the bone-shaped sign bearing the word "Pound". The roof is made up of more traditional green asphalt shingles, as opposed to Shelter 17's "Spanish" style ceramic roof tiles. The sign above the office shows a green silhouette of who appears to be Ace, rather than a blue one of Lucky.

The cages are outdoors, with some cages separated so only there's only one cat per cage, and others that are open field enclosures where dozens of cats can mingle, similar to Shelter 17. Scratching posts are available in several enclosures, unlike at the dog pound. Tunnels leading to the underground Kennel Kittens headquarters are hidden primarily under boxes of kitty litter, rather than under dog bowls. According to Ace, the humans have to clean up the spilled kitty litter whenever the cats go underground.
Happy Valley Cages

Cats playing in an open field enclosure at Happy Valley.


The shelter was first mentioned in "Catcalls" but was never shown.

We finally see the shelter in the episode "Kennel Kittens Return," where Squirt infiltrates the shelter by dressing up like a cat. Once inside, Squirt describes the underground tunnels as "a bizzaro version of our pound".


An unnamed African-American man is shown taking care of the shelter, similar to Olaf.

An unnamed woman with sunglasses and doesn't talk drives the animal control truck that drops stray cats at Happy Valley, taking the place of Officer Ketchum.

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