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Happy That You're Home
Pound Puppies "Happy That You're Home"00:37

Pound Puppies "Happy That You're Home"

Lyricist Tony Infante
Composer Eggplant Lt.
Sung by Brooke Goldner (as Rebound)
From The Accidental Pup Star
Duration 0:30

Happy That You're Home is a song that Rebound sings in "The Accidental Pup Star" to express how happy she is that her owner, Agatha McLeish, is home. Her performance is caught by a girl named Molly, leading to the events of the episode.


I'm so happy, happy, happy that you're home
And I'll never ever, ever be alone
Now it's time to have some fun, with my perfect person
There's nothing else I'd rather do than be at home with yo-o-u!
If I'm feeling down
I know that you will come around
You can lift me up
'Cause I'm your perfect pup
There's nothing else I'd rather do than be at home with yo-o-u!



  • A fictional "remix" of the song parodies both the "Nyan Cat" animation and the "Double Rainbow" video.

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