Greg Sullivan is one of the directors of Pound Puppies, starting with the first episode produced by DHX


Media/Vancouver, "My Fair Rebound".

For the DHX-produced episodes of season one, the first half of season two and season three, Greg Sullivan directed the even-numbered episodes of the series, alternating with fellow Pound Puppies director Jos Humphrey. Pre-DHX episodes of season one were directed by Richard Weston of 9 Story Entertainment. The second half of season two was still directed by the two, however, they didn't alternate as clearly as they did for the other episodes (Humphrey doing odd-numbered episodes and Sullivan doing even-numbered).

For the first half of season three, Greg Sullivan directed episodes with Tim Stuby as a co-director. After episode 314 (312 in broadcast order), Stuby took over as full director. [1]

Director Credits

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


  1. Twitter / BaloneyBrony: "@GuyOthersome Even episodes. @Jos_Humphrey does the odds. Co-Direct with Greg Sullivan until ep 314 when I get to take full blame." (2013-07-18) Received 2013 July 25.

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