In french version of Pound Puppies (Named "Les Puppies : L'Agence Canine" in french) ,a lot of characters have changed name :

Lucky = Veinard

Cookie = Cookie (unchanged)

Squirt = Crapule

Strudel = Bretzel

Niblet = Nounouille

Mcleish = Malaisse

Olaf = Oscar

Pepper = Pepper (unchanged)

Camelia = Camelia (Unchanged)

Kennel Kittens = Agence féline (Ace,the leader of Kennel Kittens is dubbed by a woman,and he is a girl for french version)

Milton Feltwaddle = Martin Tournemain (Tourne Main = Hand Turn = Quicky)

Rebound = Boomerang

Cupcake = Boutchou

Patches = Pirate

Sparky = Éclair

Mr nut.nut = Mr noisette

In progress...

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