Cookie's Lullaby
Cookie's Lullaby
Lyricist Jos Humphrey
Composer Johannes Brahms (Op. 49, No. 4; Brahms's Lullaby)
Daniel Ingram or Steffan Andrews (arrangement)
Sung by Yvette Nicole Brown (as Cookie), Eric McCormack (as Lucky), John DiMaggio (as Niblet), Michael Rapaport (as Squirt), and Alanna Ubach (as Strudel)
From "The Truth Is in Hear"
Duration 0:36

"Cookie's Lullaby" is the conjectural title of a song that Cookie sings to Leonard McLeish when he breaks into the underground chambers at Shelter 17 during "The Truth Is in Hear". The other dogs join her, and Leonard falls asleep, later believing all of the alien things he thought he heard was just a dream. The music is based upon "Brahms's Lullaby", performed here in the key of E.


Lullaby, and good night
May sleep softly surround you
Leonard: What? I-I knew it.
I'll protect you from harm
Leonard: You... are... aliens af- [yawns]
You will wake in my arms
Leonard: Have to show...
Soft and warm is your bed
Leonard: No! You can't! I won't!
Close your eyes rest your head
[Cookie and Lucky]
Soft and warm is your bed
Close your eyes rest your head
Soft and warm is your bed
Close your eyes rest your head


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