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Pound Puppies "Barlow" Compilation02:23

Pound Puppies "Barlow" Compilation

Lyricist Alan Hanson
Composer Daniel Ingram
Sung by John DiMaggio (as Barlow)
Several Others
From "Barlow"
Duration 0:30 (original)
2:23 (including reprises)

"Barlow" is the song that Barlow sang in order to get other dogs to follow his philosophy of laziness, which is described in the song's lyrics. Even though he only sang the full song one time in "Barlow", the first verse is reprised several times throughout the episode.


Let this sleeping doggie lie
On this motto, I rely
Lazing in the sunshine, taking a big ol' snooze
That's what a good ol' doggie do.
Lying with your belly facing up to the sky
Brother once you've tried it you can never deny
That just hanging around, ain't ya heard the news?
That's what a good ol' doggie do

[2nd reprise]

Let the sleeping doggie lie
Zippster: All right!
On this motto, I rely
Tip-tip: Yeehaw.
Lazing in the sunshine, taking a big ol' snooze
Kippster: [yawns]
That's what a good ol' doggie do
[Barlow and puppies]
Ooh! [all yawn]


  • Although "Lucky Gets Adopted" was the first time a song with lyrics appeared, this song marks the first time characters have spontaneously broken into song. The song in "Lucky Gets Adopted" was an orchestrated carol in celebration of "Woof Bark Tooth Day."

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